Do we have enough?  “Enough of what” you ask.  There are different ways you can think about this word.  You can think about it physically or you can think about it emotionally.  In writing this blog I was not sure which to start “thinking” or writing about but decided to go with the physical.

When I think about the physical “enoughs” in our life, I think about food.  Do we have enough food?  Some do and some don’t.  Those that do should be very, very grateful for every bite we put into our mouths and, if possible, try to help those who don’t.  What about enough house.  Some of us live in a modest home and some in what we would call a shack.  Some live in mansions or fancy, large expensive houses with pools, etc.  If we have a roof over our head (one that does not leak) I think we have enough.  There are some who are living in boxes for a home.  Some live under a bridge and carry all they have in a bag – their home and possessions.  Some call a shelter their home even though they can only stay the night and have to pack up all they have each morning and walk away.   These homes are in America so we’re not thinking about living in a hut in the jungle or a tent in the dessert.  Then automobiles.  Do we have enough.  Some have 2 or 3 different kinds or more.  Some 1.  Some none.  Some only have a bicycle they ride everywhere.  Some have to walk everywhere.  And then there is money.  Some have enough to throw or give away and some have none.  There are those of us who are in-between and we are able to have all of the things above, some nicer or newer than others but just the same we have enough to keep going so we can acquire more things or keep the things we have.  I guess those are the main physical things I think about that I have and am so grateful for.

Now to the emotional things.  How about education?  I kind of think of that as something we need but is not really physical.  Maybe knowledge would be a better word or a word that goes along with education.  Some are not given the opportunity to have a good education while some are almost  professional students.  Maybe common sense should be mentioned here.  Some really have good common sense and I’m sure we all know those who do not have enough common sense to get in out of the rain.

I’m not sure where to add friends.  They are physical in nature and to have at least one good friend is a wonderful thing. To me this is emotional so no really physical.  Some have no friends at all while there are those that do not recognize the friends they do have.  Some have none, they just wander around virtually helpless and alone.  Some have lots of friends.  Some have people they call “friends” but really are acquaintances.  When I talk about friends, I mean those who stick by you no matter what and who will drop everything when you call.

Last but by no means least is love.  It’s hard to think about not having love but there are those who do not enjoy this phenomenal thing we call love.  There are different kinds of love.  There is the love of our parents, friends, or pets.  But then there is the love of our mate.  There really is nothing in the world like knowing you are sincerely and genuinely loved by a faithful mate, whether husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend.  Knowing that this person will love you through the good times and the bad and the ups as well as the downs in life.  Do we have enough of this kind of love.  Well, in my opinion we all good use at least a spoonful more.  Maybe love is something we will never have enough of.  I pray you all know some kind of love.


As I’m sitting here in my comfy recliner, I can look out our sliding glass door and see the laundry hanging on the line.  It is so reminiscent of seeing my mom hang clothes out on the line.  Back when I was a little girl stains were very hard to get out of our clothes.  Some were impossible – like mustard, berries, ink.  My mom worked very hard to make sure our clothes were always fresh, clean, and stains removed. Today, however, we can get most stains out of our clothes without too much effort most of the time – praise the Lord because I can be quite messy sometimes!

That led me to thinking about our lives and when we stray from doing the right thing.  I think most of us don’t really intend to stray, it just starts out as a little wavering here and there.  If we realize soon enough, we can get back on track and all is good.  Like accidentally spilling a little juice or something on our clothes.  If we catch it quick enough and take care of it then it won’t stain and will be alright.  However, if we stay too long on that wavered track and get too comfortable then it’s hard to get back on track.  Not impossible but hard.  Again, if we just leave that juice on our clothes and want to wait a bit before trying to remove it (like playing instead of coming in right away) then it becomes harder to remove – not always impossible but we have to scrub harder and hope it comes out.  Let’s go a step further and say we get real full of ourselves and think we’re just going to do what we want to do no matter if it’s right or wrong, no matter if it hurts anybody or not, it’s our lives and we’re going to do what we want to do.  Yea.  You leave that juice on the clothes and just remove your clothes later and throw them in the laundry basket to be washed later, that stain won’t come out.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that our lives are really not our own.  What we do, say, and how we act affects those around us each and every day.  When we do things and don’t care how it affects others, well, that’s just selfish no matter how you slice it.  You can try and tell yourself it’s not selfish but you’re just fooling yourself because look at it – who are you trying to please first?  You can fool yourself and tell yourself into thinking you are helping others but you are actually just doing what you want to do, which I think is pretty much what most people do.  You can make all kinds of excuses but mostly people do what they want to do.

I’ve heard it said that you always hurt most the ones you love the most.  We tend to “follow the crowd” or try to please friends and acquaintances more than those we love, or those we have vowed to love, when it should be the other way around.  Those friends or acquaintances seem to have more influence on us than the ones who really love and care for us which makes no sense at all.  After all, what do they really have to lose?  Should we trust them the most?  Don’t get me wrong, friends are wonderful and we all like to have them.  But who is it that should come first in our hearts and lives?  Who should we think of first?  Who should we care for the most?  Who is it that should share in our burdens and cares?  Who is it that we want to trust us the most?    I believe the answer to those questions is pretty obvious – those we love the most.  I guess it all boils down to the question if we want to get that stain out quickly or we just don’t care – that piece of clothing is just not as precious as we thought it was.  I wonder if that is how those who are hurt feel – like a piece of clothing that was once precious but now is just a stained piece of clothing in the laundry basket, not important enough to take care of like it once was.

Are you one that trusts and looks to others or are you the piece of clothing that has been tossed aside?  I hope neither.

The Hand of God

I was thinking this morning about what it would be like just to hold onto God’s hand as I walk through the day – literally.  Knowing that He would lead and guide me along each step I would take and He would be in control of everything I encountered around each bend so there would be no anxiousness or worry.  He would take care of anything that crossed my path.  I thought about the smile I would have on my face as we walked along.  I thought about the peace I would enjoy as well as joy in my heart.  I figure we would talk some as we walked along.  He would be giving me wisdom and telling me of His love.  I would be listening but also talking as I would be telling Him how much I love Him and depend on Him as well as asking things of Him because He would tell me to ask anything of Him.  Of course, He could not give me everything I wanted, not right away.  Some things he could give right away but some would have to wait – some a short time, some a long time. Others, since He knew the future, He knew would not be good for me so those would be withheld.

But wait!  I can do that – I can walk along each day holding to the hand of God.  I can even call Him Abba Father – Daddy.  I can hold His hand as I walk through my days knowing that He is in control and will guide each of my steps if I will allow Him to be the Leader.  Then He will take care of everything that crosses my path because He is in charge, leading me, instead of me trying to be the leader and screwing everything up.  I can talk to Him, knowing that He listens and does answer each and every one of my prayers – some today, some another day, some never as He knows what is best for me and what timing is best for me.  I can walk along with joy in my heart as He speaks to me through the Letter He left me – the Bible – and through the Holy Spirit that lives in me and gives me that “nudge” about different circumstances and what I should and should not do.  I have no need for worry or to be anxious as I know He will lead me in the path that is right for me.  And, if I sometimes wander away from that path, He will always be waiting patiently for me to get back on that path and continue our walk.  And when I ask Him to forgive me for wandering, He not only will forgive me but forget my wandering, never to be brought up against me again.  Forgive and forget!  As a human, the forgiving I really can always do but it’s the forgetting that I have problems with.  Knowing He also forgets is a comfort to my heart.  Knowing He will never throw my wanderings up to my face and accuse me is amazing to me but also a joy.

Yes, knowing I have my Abba Father by my side each and every day, each and every hour and minute of each day is more than wonderful!  It brings more than peace and more than joy.  It satisfies a longing in my heart to know everything will be alright because Daddy is going to take care of everything.


When I was a child my daddy would take me fishing with him.  We always fished out in the lake from a boat and not from the bank.  It was just a regular boat, nothing fancy at all.  Daddy could alwa…

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When I was a child my daddy would take me fishing with him.  We always fished out in the lake from a boat and not from the bank.  It was just a regular boat, nothing fancy at all.  Daddy could always find the best fishing spots and I was a pretty good fisherman – or fishergirl.  Anyway, daddy would always buy minnows and red wiggler worms.  I preferred the red wiggler worms – I never could catch anything with a minnow but daddy could.  Red wigglers were the best to me.  You could get it on a hook and it would wiggle all around, appearing for all the world to be something it wasn’t to that fish and attract the fish, not obvious at all that it was a trap.  They would wiggle, get that fish on the hook, the bobber would go under, I would jerk my pole, and up came that fish – it was caught!

Have you ever known anyone that is like a red wiggler?  They wiggle all around, appearing to be something they are not, and then trap their prey, which they really don’t want they just want to trap them and ruin their lives or just play with them?  I have, unfortunately.  It’s a sad process to watch.  I wonder sometimes if the other fish warn that fish that is being tricked.  I had never thought about it until this morning but in life we have red wigglers and naive, vulnerable fish in this world.

For example, there is this fish who is just swimming around, minding their own business, living life, not expecting anything and then you have this red wiggler who pops up, wiggles around, and next thing you know, that fish is deceived by that red wiggler.  He goes for it and the next thing they know is caught up in something and begin to experience something horrible that they never, ever expected to experience.  Sometimes the fish can get away and continue living their life.  I don’t know, they may have been scared but hopefully they learned a lesson.  On the other hand, there are those who get caught and never get away.  They will be eaten and that’s the end.  The red wiggler did it’s job so now the fish is left with nothing – not the red wiggler and not a life they once enjoyed.  Simple but oh so true.


I’m not sure where this blog is going, just thinking and typing, so let’s just see.  Ever thought of things that can be empty?  There’s empty glass, empty pitcher, empty gas tank,…

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