Believing or Not

Most of us believe quite a bit when you think about it.  We trust a lot.  We trust in things as well as people, both of which can let us down (even seen someone try to sit in a chair and have it collapse?).  And we know about people – don’t think any of us need an example of that one.   We can ponder on trust, believe, and faith all day long and I don’t think we’d get to the very crux of the matter.  I believe (and there I go believing) they are all 3 intertwined with each other – kind of like Christmas lights. 🙂 Though, I think faith may be a little out there further as it is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  Now, some of you might recognize that from Hebrews 11:1 in the Bible.  However, if  we should start peeling the skin back off that statement sort of like an onion, I think we’d find that it can just be applied to everyday living.  Think on it for a minute.  I’ll give you an example:  I hope my husband will get a paycheck this week (the substance of things hoped for) and I just go along like I know he is (the evidence of things not seen).

I’m thinking though that there are a lot of times we don’t believe or have faith or trust.  Sometimes it has to do with our health; sometimes finances; sometimes people in certain circumstances.  Trials and tribulations – that brings out a lot of unbelief.  I think most of my not trust, believing, or having faith has to do with just not trusting God to do what He says He will – it’s just that plain and simple when you grind it all down like coffee beans.  I guess I am making this all too simplified but I just don’t think you have to make it as difficult to understand or think on as leading a mule to water.  It’s a fact – we’re going to have trials and tribulations – in fact, the Bible says so right in John 16:33.  But that verse also says that in Christ we will have peace.  I take that to be inner peace to be relatively calm, believing Christ is going to take care of it all – may not be the way we want him to, but He will take care of things one way or another.

I guess I could probably go on how we feel like our feet are stuck in a bad mud puddle and how sometimes we feel lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon track but I believe we all get the picture on that –  truth be told we’ve all been there done that – sometime over and over it seems like.  And, have you even noticed how people are affected by things.  Some go into a tizzy and run in circles, jumping here and there like a monkey in the jungle not knowing what to do while others more or less just seem calm as swans gliding out on a pond or a beautiful horse out grazing on green grass on a perfect day.  I sure hope I can be more like that horse or swan.  When you think about it, it is what it is and you can only do so much and after that, it’s all in God’s hands – believe it or not.

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