Are Quilts Like Relationships?

I thought it was about time I wrote something about quilts.  I was just sitting here thinking and looked over at a quilt I had made.  And the thought came to me that quilts are like relationships.

First and foremost, I guess we think of quilts as covering for warmth.  And boy do they do a good job.  I grew up with quilts and have fond memories of lying in bed at grandmother’s house under one of her many quilts.  Oh, it would keep us all snuggled down and warm.  Of course, quilts can’t cover everything.  Quilts can’t cover lies.  Once a lie has been told there is a certain amount of trust that has been broken.  It’s like the quilt starts coming apart.  If the quilt comes apart enough then it is no longer warm, like when someone lies then you no longer enjoy that warm relationship you once had when trust kept you together like the warmth of a good quilt.

A quilt can hold a lot of memories.  My mother made me a quilt and I recognize many of the pieces of material she put in it.  Some were from clothes I made my daughter, some from clothes she made for my daughter, and I even recognized some that were from blouses she had made for herself.  It’s fun to look at all those pieces of material and remember.  It’s sad, though, if someone spills something on a quilt and the quilt becomes stained.  Somehow your eyes always go right to that stain.  It’s  the same way with people and relationships.  What fun it is to look back at memories you have made with them.  But if they have lied to you then that lie is the first thing that pops into your brain as you are remembering.  The memory has been stained.

Quilts are fun to make.  I enjoy putting a quilt together, watching the colors come to life and the design start to take shape.  You do have to be very careful when stitching the quilt pieces together.  You have to make sure your stitches are straight or you won’t make the point.  And you have to make sure the stitches are sewn in enough so they will hold.  But when you’re finished, oh the joy of seeing it all together and beautiful!  Relationships are like that, too.  You have to be very careful that when you commit to do something that you fulfill that commitment, unless sickness or some emergency arises.  But just to do something else you would rather do, is like sewing your stitches crooked.  You lose the point of being trustworthy in a relationship.  Otherwise it’s like the stitches that are sewn to close to the edge of the material, it just won’t hold.

Another thing is you need to make sure your binding is sewn on properly or it will come away from the edges of your quilt and that’s another way quilts can come apart.  You can have everything else perfect, but the binding is the last thing and has to be sew on tight.  Truth is like the binding, it is the thing that will hold a relationship together. As long as truth is always there, the relationship will hold.

I didn’t realize how much quilts and relationships are alike until I started writing this.  It’s amazing.  I think I will always think of truth when I see a quilt now.  And if I happen to see one that is stained or coming apart I will think of lies.