Picture Frames and Perspectives

Perspectives are kind of like picture frames in that some are alike and some different. With picture frames we can get large, small, metal, wood, fancy, and plain ones. Some we purchase for pictures of our loved ones and some for pictures of places we’ve been. We can even purchase picture frames with beautiful, or odd, pictures already in it to decorate offices, homes, cabins, whatever strikes our fancy. Perspectives, however, are what we learn as we go through life and they are the essence of who we are. What do picture frames do? Well, they encircle, they surround, they encompass whatever it is we put in them.  What do perspectives do? As we go through life and learn about life, they mold our character and make us who we are.

Perspectives are pretty much like pictures frames – which is my perspective. What is a perspective? Well, it is pretty much a viewpoint. I looked up viewpoint in the thesaurus and picked three other words – opinion, belief, and idea.  I never thought of perspectives in the configuration as picture frames until today, though.

The idea of perspectives and picture frames being sort of in the same ‘configuration’ came to me through listening to news, my son, and looking at the pictures of my grandparents. This country has had some very ugly things happen, as well as France and England to name a couple others. This piece is not about that. Is about the fact that you hear all kinds of perspectives on the news, social media, even out shopping or dining out. Some people get mad or bent out of shape if other perspectives are not the same as theirs. Some go to social media to rant and rave about the perspective that is opposite of theirs. They go on and on about how the opposite perspective is wrong, stupid, dangerous to our country, etc. Some even spend hours researching their perspective and hours on social media spitting out their perspective. And guess what – those who believe the opposite do the same thing. They research and spend hours refuting the ones who do not believe like them. What both sides fail to consider as they lam-blast the each other is that they are performing a type of bullying – my perspective. Everyone has the right to their own perspective as well as reading another’s without then in turn if they don’t think alike having someone go off on a rant about it.

Not to go off on a type of tangent, I do realize there are some useful, good, and interesting things on social media as well. I have seen beautiful pictures, read encouraging words, as well as things that are entertaining.  I have also seen ugly things, distasteful things, and obnoxious things on social media. And that is just my point. There are many useful and beautiful picture frames as well as some that are not so appealing – all different kinds.  Here is where the similarity to picture frames is the perspective that I see. I don’t like all picture frames, don’t think they are all perfect and just right for my need, I find some that are distasteful to me or just not the kind I need while I find some beautiful, just the right size, and complimenting to what is going in the frame. When it comes to perspectives, I either agree or disagree with a perspective I have read or heard or it makes me think.

So, getting back to our three words from above that describe the word perspective, I’ll tell you the way I think they are like picture frames. The first word is opinion, which is an assessment, thought, or theory. Three different words yet still mean perspective.  There are metal ornate frames, metal dull frames, and metal shiny frames – all different, yet all frames.

Next is belief which is conclusion, deduction, or mindset; all perspective but all different words. Some frames are wood that has been ornately carved, some different sizes, and some painted. All frames but all different.

Lastly, we have idea which is view, concept, or interpretation; all different yet all perspective. There are some frames made of resin type material which is in different shapes, some have something like a bear holding the frame, and some with beautiful flowers or other things attached. All frames but all different.

All of these ‘different’ frames hold very different pictures from Picasso, to your favorite aunt, to a pet, to a landscape – all kinds of pictures. Just as we have different frames that hold different pictures, we have different perspectives that hold different ideas and ideologies. It’s according to who you are as to what kind perspective that holds your ideas or ideologies just like it’s according to your taste as to what kind of picture and picture frame you like.

Each frame can be pretty or ugly with a picture that is as well just as each perspective can be good or bad with ideas and ideologies are as well, according to my perspective. The next time you read or hear someone’s perspective on something, think about pictures and picture frames before you judge too harshly.


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