Remote Controls

Have you ever really thought about remote controls? We kind of take them for granted now but I remember the day when they were a luxury. There’s all kinds of buttons on remotes and there must be a bazzilion remotes out there. Every TV has a different kind, every DVD player has a different kind. What ever electronic device you have, it has a different remote.

What got me to thinking about this is my remote was sitting next to me on the table and I just looked at that little instrument. It dawned on me there are so many buttons and I don’t even know what some of them are for. You’ve got on, off, pause, stop, rewind, fast-forward. And then, me being me, I thought about how life is like that. I was thinking that sometimes we’d like fast-forward, sometimes rewind, sometimes pause. We don’t have any of those but there are two that everyone has and that’s “on” and “off.”

First of all, we’ll begin at the beginning – the “on” button. If we’re breathing, if we are alive, we have an “on” button that was used at birth. Obviously, the other buttons won’t work if the “on” button is not used. But that is what that button does, turns things on so they will work. So you have to admit, that’s a pretty important button. If the “on” button is not turned on, you don’t get to enjoy movies, TV programs, news (but who enjoys the news?!?), sports – you get where I’m going I’m sure. If we are not born, if God does not give us life, we won’t enjoy all of the wonderful things God has for us like His love, the beauty all around us, or the opportunity to see another button turned on when a child is born.

I think we’ll next go to “pause” button. Have you ever wanted to just say “slow down,” I need to take a breath. I need to get my thoughts together. I need to take a rest. But the other times we want to “pause” is “in the moment.” All those wonderful things God allows us to enjoy from family times, vacation fun, walks with a loved one, a special dance. Those are the “pause” times I think about. When I look at pictures or go through a memory book and see those pictures I think about the memories I took away from those moments. It’s kind of like having a “pause” button in my brain I guess, because I can pause and think about those memories if I want.

Let’s take “rewind” next. Ever want to rewind your life? I sure have – many times. There are different times I would like to rewind and do over for sure. I’d like to rewind and enjoy again those wonderful vacations or the moments I made all those memories like birthday parties, Christmas, and other holidays. But, unfortunately, there are other times I would like to rewind because I really messed up. I don’t know about you but there are a lot of times I’d like “do-overs.” Times when I can think of when I was a kid, sometimes teenager, but mostly an adult. I guess all of us who have children would like do-overs with them. I’d like to be kinder. Witness to that person on the street. Mostly I’d like to rewind and be more of what Jesus died for instead of being selfish and doing what I wanted to do, instead. I would just like to “rewind” and be a better wife, person, and Christian.

Some remotes have “fast forward.” Would we want to do that sometimes? Sometimes when we’re sick, in physical pain, things aren’t going good at work, or maybe emotional pain. What happens when we fast forward. We go through part of a program and miss part of it. If we have a fast forward, we would miss a lot of things – mostly things like lessons God wanted to teach us, I think. If we fast forward through all of these hard times I wonder how much we would miss that God has for us, like the times He was there all along and we didn’t realize it. I wonder if we just fast forwarded through all these things how fast our life might pass by. Solomon said there is a time for everything under the sun and I’m thinking that means the hard stuff, too.

Some remotes have a “record” button. Would we really want somebody recording our lives? Especially those every day, in and out, back and forth, bad, horrible, unlivable days. I don’t think I’d want somebody recording those of mine. And what about our moods? Mine are up and down and some days I don’t know if I’m coming or going. But I think the thing I most would not like to have recorded is my mind – except when I’m having a good day and things are pretty much going my way. But I do have thoughts I shouldn’t have some days. I think we’ve all had those, some more than others, and sometimes there are those thoughts that are worse than others. Some are mean, some hateful, some vile, some wicked. I sure wouldn’t want anybody in my brain some days. I don’t want to be in my brain some days.

Thing is, God is with us each and every day and He knows all we do and all we think. So, while we might not be recording our thoughts for others, while we might be sweet and smiling on the outside but really “bad” on the inside and think nobody knows, God sees our thoughts and knows them – all of them. How is your recording rated? Is it R or X, or G with a little PG? Is it the kind of thing you’d want plastered on a movie screen?

If we stopped and realized our lives are being recorded by God, each and every day, I wonder how different our lives would be. Would we be really nice to people, would we be more patient, kinder, smile more? I’m thinking yes. Would we stop doing the things we know are not pleasing to God? Things like going to an X-rated movie, going to websites that are X-rated, out to a bar and get drunk, take drugs, hang out with the wrong people, cheat on our wives/husbands, lie, or be selfish, just to name a few. I bet we would. I bet we’d end up with a life pleasing to God and “worth watching” if we just thought about the fact that our lives are being seen by God every moment of every day.

Thing is, we can click our stop button. We can stop doing those things that are not pleasing to God and start over and live for Him instead of ourselves. In fact, God gives us the directions for that right in his instruction book – the Bible. The instructions are to turn the remote over to Jesus. Let him take over your life and make it worth living. Make a life movie we’d be proud for anyone to watch. When we hand our life remote to Jesus and let him pick the channels, we see a much different story on the screen. A beautiful story, not a story without twists and turns of different kinds, but a much better story. A wonderful story that never ends because when we hand that remote to Jesus we just walk right into the screen at live that story worth watching, one we can look back at and smile. Then, at a time decided before our “on” button was ever clicked, Jesus will enter our picture and never turn the remote off. We just walk right off with him in the most beautiful part off the story.

What would happen if you gave Jesus the remote control to your life? Would He need to change the channel because the channel it was on was not right? Maybe he would do away with some of the channels we have on there now because they are not needed or they don’t show stories that are pleasing to Him. Can you really turn your remote over to Jesus so He can put it on the right channel? What would He do with your remote? And would you take it back if you didn’t like the channel He chose? But, what happens when God clicks the off button? Are we in that beautiful story or another one that is not so beautiful?

Let’s think about what God wants us to be, His child. And the good news is, Jesus takes us right to Him, so give Jesus the remote.

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