I think most people don’t like change.  Even though they don’t want to stay in a rut, they enjoy a small change now and again – like painting the house, different flowers in the garden, new carpet.  I just wanted it clear that is not the kind of change I’m talking about.

Most of us fight tooth and nail to try to prevent it.  (That is unless we won the lottery.  I think we might like the change that comes with that, or at least a part of it.)  I’m talking about bigger changes, I think everyone knows what I’m talking about.  I also believe that everyone has some kind of “big” change come to their life that that didn’t want and was not pleasant.

I was like that. Fighting tooth and nail to hold onto something that actually wasn’t there. Like trying to hold onto what you imagined it would be like – you can think about it but you cannot touch it or embrace it.  So then comes despair as you struggle with what your mind knows and what your heart wants.  You find yourselves crying constantly, praying, screaming, locking yourself away, and, sadly, even thinking of suicide.

However, one day just a little something happens, or you see something, or hear something, and everything then changes.  You are able to let go of whatever you “imagined” and do so rejoicing and finding yourself happier than ever. The sun is brighter, the bird sings sweeter, everything around you seems so much better.  And then to your surprise, God hands to us the biggest blessing that causes us now to cry tears of joy.  We want to tell everyone! For me, it was close to a “crossing the Red Sea” type blessing. This blessing touched every area of my life. Financially, physically, emotionally. I still am so amazed when I think of it.

Back to that change. I now am looking forward to that change that I fought and dreaded for months.  I am excited and happy, looking forward to what God is going to do next! Whatever it is, I know it will be good because He always knows what is best for us.  Sometimes we get away from Him but when we realize we have made a huge mistake, we turn around and there is God, standing right where we left Him.  He never moved – we did.  I look back and just wonder what blessings He had in store for me that I missed.  I like to say “we’ll see which way the cat jumps” but it’s just a fun remark I heard on one of my favorite movies.  It’s really see which way God is going to direct us.

Sometimes He wants us to just sit and rest and wait for Him to get things lined up for us.  Sometimes I think He stands back smiling, watching while we receive blessing, after blessing, after blessing that he pours out to us. (Those are the most fun but we have to remember, crops don’t grow so well on the mountaintop.) Sometimes He metes out little blessings, one at a time, waiting as we realize how much he works in our lives each and every day.

I guess I went off on a little rabbit hole there, but if you’ve read any of my blogs you will realize I mostly just write what’s on my heart and how it comes to my brain. Things I want to say and “conversate” with someone.  So, if we didn’t use computers and such, I would say I just write it down with pen and paper as it comes to me.

I have been going through a huge change and the above remarks are many I have felt. But God, Abba Father, has brought me out of the darkness to the wonderful light again.  I was in the dark, really black, place where it seemed like I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever get out.  I guess that was the furtherest down that black hole I have ever been. People would tell me it would get better but when you’re like that you can’t see it.  That’s where faith comes in. Little by little I began to trust Abba to work this all out one way or another.  And he did and what’s more, He actually used me to do it! Well, the catalyst was someone else who doesn’t know it.  After the dust cleared, I found myself happier than I have been in years!

So you see, even though change seems horrible and we fight as we are thrown into that horrible pit, in the end if we just trust God, He will bring us out and show us the change was needed, good, and He has so much more for us.  I believe in miracles again!

Yea, change, what do you think? Do you think something good comes out of every change? Do you think some people never accept change and that’s maybe why they seem so bitter and are not pleasant to be around? Do you think their expectations were way to high and when things didn’t work out their way they just became downright mean and if you get in their way run over you? I’d say yes to all of those and there are probably many more reasons. However, when we come across a change, the best thing might just to be embrace it, look for the good, and ride it out. And, as far as other people, they are what they are, the do what they do, it is what it is, and just let them go and forget them. The ones who come along beside you, appreciate and relish them because those are few and far between.

Yep, I believe change is good most of the time if we just allow it to be.  Don’t look back, don’t think about what could have been, think about what is going to be – all the blessings and wonderful things just waiting for you tomorrow!

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