Dancing With the Devil

When I hear the word “dance” my mind immediately goes to ballroom dancing with the guy in a tuxedo and the lady in a beautiful flowing dress.  But when you dance with the devil it is not a beautiful site.  It might start out beautiful in your mind, but by the time you realize you are dancing with the devil instead of an angel, it’s too late.  I think we all know that the “devil” I am speaking of here is evil.  Of course, evil comes in both genders – some devils are men and some are women.  It’s just according to who the devil wants to ruin.

It’s always the same way – as the music is playing and the dancing is being danced, the partner to the devil sees only beauty.  However, those standing around can see the devil for who he/she is and that is pure evil and ugliness.  Some standing around are laughing at the devil’s partner because they can see how the devil is using this partner and what a fool they have become. Some try to break in and take the partner away from the devil, but somehow the devil is able to draw that partner back into his/her arms where the devil takes them further and further, deeper and deeper into the abyss.  Yet, the partner thinks they are going into a happy and beautiful place, all the while friends and family are shouting on the sidelines trying to get the partner to stop and open their eyes, to shed the scales from their eyes.  The problem is the partner does not want to open their eyes, they are having too much fun “now” and don’t want it to stop.  They keep their eyes shut and close their ears to any logical pleadings and so they are left, not realizing it will stop when the devil is finished destroying them and all around them.

Sometimes, before it’s too late, the partner will stop, think and realize that for that bit of happiness they are throwing away great joy.  It’s hard for them to come back, but those that are strong, unafraid, and gutsy will wake up, turn around and run back to the light and away from the devil.  This is not an easy process.  It really does take a lot of fearlessness and no wimpiness.  Turning away from the devil is not for the fainthearted or those who are afraid and tremor when they hear the sound of the devil.  No, those who turn back to the right have to be strong and be ready to face the consequences, no matter what they are.

Consequences are sometimes good and sometimes bad.  When you turn from dancing with the devil you have to pay but have to remember the future consequences are greater and outshine anything gained from staying with the devil, no matter what the devil has to offer.  In fact, there is nothing to be gained by staying with the devil except a few moments of false and misleading, short-lived happiness and long-term anguishing in death.

On the other hand, staying with the devil and continuing to dance will eventually bring nothing but pain and heartache to everyone around you.  It may take a few weeks, a few months, a few years, or a lifetime but it will come.  And if it takes a lifetime then you’ve wasted your lifetime and your best years.  Years that could have been spent in a more sensible and successful way.  However, when the end comes you realize you cannot go back and change anything and you have wasted what was given to you, a life that could have been full and successful, happy and contented.  And for what? A few moments of dancing with the devil – who was beautiful at first but now is so ugly because the scales have dropped from your eyes and you finally see what everybody else saw.  That is what happens when the devil is finished with you – the scales fall from your eyes and you cry out in anguish, realizing you have really screwed up, wishing you could go back! But there is no going back after you pass the point of no return.  You are caught in a web of deceit and lies and have to dance until you can dance no longer and the devil is finished with you.

Yep, dancing with the devil is a dangerous thing in life – I guess we have all danced with some kind of devil now and again and most of us have awakened before it was too late, yet face consequences nonetheless.  It’s when the devil has us so fooled and tricked that we don’t see anything but what the devil wants us to see – that’s the most sad thing of all because it leads to death!  Maybe not physical death but death of our soul, death of our emotions, death of feeling because we can’t feel again, the devil took it all away during the dance.

“At that moment their eyes were opened, and they suddenly felt shame at their nakedness.”  Genesis 3:7  –  At that moment it all fell apart and death entered the world. I looked up moment and here are some synonyms:  bat of an eye, nanosecond, split second, flash, instant and crack ,to name of few.  I think crack is appropriate because in a crack, by listening to the devil, death seeped in and that crack allowed everything to fall apart.  When we first listen to the devil, it’s a crack that death can then pour into our lives where it all falls apart.


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