Slipping Off…….

Have you ever slipped?  When I think of slipping I think of things like slipping on ice, slipping off a slope, slipping away from a moor, slipping down steps, etc.

What is the first thing we do when we start slipping?  I don’t know about you but I try to grab for something so I don’t completely fall.  I don’t like heights so slipping down a tall embankment or cliff is highly unlikely for me but if I were to do so I would hope there would be someone that could and would grab hold of my hand to keep me from falling completely.  I’m thinking just about the first things he would say would be “I’ve gotcha, don’t look down. Keep your eyes on me.”  So looking down instead of keeping my eyes on my rescuer could be quite dangerous and even life-threatening.  I think as I would look into the eyes of my hero I would immediately feel a great attachment (no pun intended) to this one who has my life in his hands.

So, what am I getting at here?  Follow with me as I take us down a path most of us have at least started down.  As children of God, sometimes we slip.  Sometimes the slip is not so steep and other times it is dangerously steep.  Sometimes God allows us to slip to test us and see how much we depend on him and how we will obey Him in the trenches.

Abba, (Father God) always tells us to keep our eyes on Him.  It’s when we take our eyes off Him, when see something we want to check out further or something we want, that we get into trouble and start to slip.  There are always those around us calling us out to come see what they have to offer.  At first our looking at the alluring goods being offered might cause just a stumble but we keep going along, checking out the fascinating things being offered.  It really couldn’t hurt. We can walk on rocks for goodness sake. Then the further we go, the rockier it gets until next thing we know we are slipping down.  We might try to grab the sides of this hill or embankment, but it won’t hold us. It’s slippery and full of falling rocks.  We try everything in our sight that we were looking at before to grab onto but to no avail. None of those calling to us will help, either.  They are standing there laughing at us and calling us a fool.  And they are right, we are fools.

Only when we look up and see Abba Father standing at the top with His outstretched hands and loving eyes that we realize He is the only one that can keep us from continuing to fall further and further.  We realize we went much further than we planned to go.  When we finally look into His eyes and grab His hand, He tells us to keep looking at Him and not to look back.  He is the Way, the Only Way, we can keep from continuing to be tricked by the evil ones and totally fall into the chasm of emptiness and nothingness where there is only blackness and misery.  If we look back, just for a peek, our hand starts to slip so we must keep our eyes on Him to get off this steep hill we are falling down.

When He finally pulls us to the top we realize we are cut and bruised.  Abba tells us not to think about it anymore because now He doesn’t see any cuts and bruises.  Our stumble is forgiven and forgotten.  He continues to tell us to keep our eyes on Him as we walk along and He will keep us from slipping.  As we walk along, He not only keeps us from falling but He also give us encouragement, peace, grace, love, joy, and so much more.  He shows us we are surrounded by beauty and teaches us how to be content with all He has provided for us.  Then one beautiful day as we are walking along with Him, He takes us by the hand and leads us to His home – the most beautiful place we could never even imagine and escorts us into our very own beautiful mansion, built just for us where we can live for all eternity in perfect peace; where we can praise Him day and night for all He has done for us; and where there are no tears.

You see, when we start to fall, if we don’t look up and grab the hand of Abba and leave everything else behind we thought we wanted, the evil ones will take us farther than we want to go, keep us longer than we want to stay, and cost us more than we want to pay.  I don’t know about you, but to my way of thinking the best route is to keep my eyes on Abba Father and walk with Him on down the path He leads me as I close my eyes and ears to the alluring and tempting things. Oh, they will continue to call and entice me but I love the idea of grabbing His hand when I don’t know what to do and letting Him hold onto me as we walk along.

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