Wilted Lilies

I was out dead-heading my lilies today (picking off the dead, wilted blooms) and just decided to stop a minute and really take a look at that particular flower.

Our lilies are quite beautiful.  I am fortunate enough that I have several different colors and sizes.  Mind you, I’m no horticulturist by any stretch of the imagination and we’re lucky I even know these are lilies but I took one of the withered, damp blooms in hand and began to look at it.  The petals were all twisted around itself.  When I turned it over I noticed that it looked hollow inside, right where the stem was attached.  Of course, that in and of itself got me to thinking about how sometimes, for various and sundry reasons, we as humans feel kind of empty inside.  I know I do from time to time.

I began to slowly and carefully peel back the petals to see what they would show me.  Believe me when I say it was like peeling back damp vellum but I finally managed to see the stamen, all droopy looking and, of course, without pollen.  I continued peeling back the petals more and more, revealing more stamen.  The petals were really wrapped around each other so I had to be careful not to tear them.  By now, my interest had really peaked as I was thinking how the other side of this droopy petal was empty and hollow.  As I got each petal separated, I found one part of the stamen that was almost wet.  Was that from last night’s rain or the dew this morning?

I realize I could not, of course, bring this bloom back to its original beauty but, as I often do, I began to think about life and do some comparing.  (I do realize this is a bit of a stretch but it is the path my ever meandering mind was taking me.)  I wonder how many times we feel empty and hollow when if we would just look up and take hold of whatever it is we need to fill back up with and keep going.  Fortunately we can do that and not stay wilted.  Funny thing is, I was out there dead-heading because I was empty, hollow, and weary, finding it hard to put one foot in front of the other.  Another lesson learned.

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