Do we have enough?  “Enough of what” you ask.  There are different ways you can think about this word.  You can think about it physically or you can think about it emotionally.  In writing this blog I was not sure which to start “thinking” or writing about but decided to go with the physical.

When I think about the physical “enoughs” in our life, I think about food.  Do we have enough food?  Some do and some don’t.  Those that do should be very, very grateful for every bite we put into our mouths and, if possible, try to help those who don’t.  What about enough house.  Some of us live in a modest home and some in what we would call a shack.  Some live in mansions or fancy, large expensive houses with pools, etc.  If we have a roof over our head (one that does not leak) I think we have enough.  There are some who are living in boxes for a home.  Some live under a bridge and carry all they have in a bag – their home and possessions.  Some call a shelter their home even though they can only stay the night and have to pack up all they have each morning and walk away.   These homes are in America so we’re not thinking about living in a hut in the jungle or a tent in the dessert.  Then automobiles.  Do we have enough.  Some have 2 or 3 different kinds or more.  Some 1.  Some none.  Some only have a bicycle they ride everywhere.  Some have to walk everywhere.  And then there is money.  Some have enough to throw or give away and some have none.  There are those of us who are in-between and we are able to have all of the things above, some nicer or newer than others but just the same we have enough to keep going so we can acquire more things or keep the things we have.  I guess those are the main physical things I think about that I have and am so grateful for.

Now to the emotional things.  How about education?  I kind of think of that as something we need but is not really physical.  Maybe knowledge would be a better word or a word that goes along with education.  Some are not given the opportunity to have a good education while some are almost  professional students.  Maybe common sense should be mentioned here.  Some really have good common sense and I’m sure we all know those who do not have enough common sense to get in out of the rain.

I’m not sure where to add friends.  They are physical in nature and to have at least one good friend is a wonderful thing. To me this is emotional so no really physical.  Some have no friends at all while there are those that do not recognize the friends they do have.  Some have none, they just wander around virtually helpless and alone.  Some have lots of friends.  Some have people they call “friends” but really are acquaintances.  When I talk about friends, I mean those who stick by you no matter what and who will drop everything when you call.

Last but by no means least is love.  It’s hard to think about not having love but there are those who do not enjoy this phenomenal thing we call love.  There are different kinds of love.  There is the love of our parents, friends, or pets.  But then there is the love of our mate.  There really is nothing in the world like knowing you are sincerely and genuinely loved by a faithful mate, whether husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend.  Knowing that this person will love you through the good times and the bad and the ups as well as the downs in life.  Do we have enough of this kind of love.  Well, in my opinion we all good use at least a spoonful more.  Maybe love is something we will never have enough of.  I pray you all know some kind of love.

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