The Hand of God

I was thinking this morning about what it would be like just to hold onto God’s hand as I walk through the day – literally.  Knowing that He would lead and guide me along each step I would take and He would be in control of everything I encountered around each bend so there would be no anxiousness or worry.  He would take care of anything that crossed my path.  I thought about the smile I would have on my face as we walked along.  I thought about the peace I would enjoy as well as joy in my heart.  I figure we would talk some as we walked along.  He would be giving me wisdom and telling me of His love.  I would be listening but also talking as I would be telling Him how much I love Him and depend on Him as well as asking things of Him because He would tell me to ask anything of Him.  Of course, He could not give me everything I wanted, not right away.  Some things he could give right away but some would have to wait – some a short time, some a long time. Others, since He knew the future, He knew would not be good for me so those would be withheld.

But wait!  I can do that – I can walk along each day holding to the hand of God.  I can even call Him Abba Father – Daddy.  I can hold His hand as I walk through my days knowing that He is in control and will guide each of my steps if I will allow Him to be the Leader.  Then He will take care of everything that crosses my path because He is in charge, leading me, instead of me trying to be the leader and screwing everything up.  I can talk to Him, knowing that He listens and does answer each and every one of my prayers – some today, some another day, some never as He knows what is best for me and what timing is best for me.  I can walk along with joy in my heart as He speaks to me through the Letter He left me – the Bible – and through the Holy Spirit that lives in me and gives me that “nudge” about different circumstances and what I should and should not do.  I have no need for worry or to be anxious as I know He will lead me in the path that is right for me.  And, if I sometimes wander away from that path, He will always be waiting patiently for me to get back on that path and continue our walk.  And when I ask Him to forgive me for wandering, He not only will forgive me but forget my wandering, never to be brought up against me again.  Forgive and forget!  As a human, the forgiving I really can always do but it’s the forgetting that I have problems with.  Knowing He also forgets is a comfort to my heart.  Knowing He will never throw my wanderings up to my face and accuse me is amazing to me but also a joy.

Yes, knowing I have my Abba Father by my side each and every day, each and every hour and minute of each day is more than wonderful!  It brings more than peace and more than joy.  It satisfies a longing in my heart to know everything will be alright because Daddy is going to take care of everything.

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