Hard Pills to Swallow

Have you ever had a hard pill to swallow?  I mean, some of those calcium pills seem more like horse pills; and some of those vitamin pills, too.  What’s up with that?  Does it mean that the bigger the pill the more good stuff is in there?  I don’t think that’s it, either though maybe some of the vitamins mixed with other vitamins need room “to breathe.”  Hee Hee!  No, there are some mighty small pills out there that pack a pretty big punch.

Now, I think we all know I’m not going to be talking about actual pills – how boring would that be to anyone but a pharmacist?!?  No, I’m talking about those things in life that we just have to “endure.”  You know what I mean.  One would be your favorite football team loses the championship.  Another of a really big proportion would be you bid on a house but someone just beat you to the punch.  How about you’ve been saving for a wide screen TV for the family and have just about enough and the washing machine dies?  I think you’ve got the picture.  You fill in the blanks for your “hard pill” because we’ve all had one and most of us have had more than one – many more than one.  Some just big and some nasty and big!  (Why is it none seem small?)

That’s the hard part about being an adult.  There are those hard pills to swallow.  We thought we had some as kids and teens but being an adult brings about all sorts of “pills to swallow.”  As kids we would cry, moan, and groan yet still have to “swallow that pill.”  As teens, of course, we close the door and pout, but still have to “swallow that pill.”  What happens when we become an adult?  How do we handle “swallowing our pills?”

I guess it’s still basically the same as kids and teens.  We can cry when we don’t get that house or moan and groan when the boss passes us by for a promotion but what good will any of that do except bring a few seconds of relief?  Maybe that wasn’t the house or car or _______ (you fill in the blank) that was actually the best at that time.  Maybe that wasn’t the promotion or _________ (again, you fill in the blank) you needed to get right then. Believe me when I say I’m “preaching to the choir” on this subject, by the way.  But think of it this way, have you ever been running late for an appointment and still yet had to go back inside for something you or somebody with you forgot?  Real aggravating isn’t it?  However, when you get a ways down the road you see a horrible accident that more than likely you would have been involved in had you not been running late?  Put’s a whole new perspective on it, doesn’t it?

Now this “backwards Murphy’s Law,” as I like to call it, doesn’t apply to everything but if we just stop and think, many times it does.  Instead of your “dream” house, a nice home at a better price comes on the market.  Instead of that promotion the boss calls you into the office to inform you he is creating a new position (higher than the one you were passed over for) and is offering it to you.  I know – those are kind of what my husband likes to call “Hallmark Card” scenes.  In a way, I guess they are but for us optimists out here, we like to think those things really happen.  🙂

I am also a realist.  I know things don’t always turn out perfect or even right sometimes.  Seems like “most times” when it’s happening doesn’t it?  I also know that 99% of the time we don’t know the “why” behind any of it, either.  That’s one of the hardest things we get asked as a parent – why?  It’s hard to admit to our kids there is something out there we don’t know but it’s the truth.  Sometimes all we can do is shake our heads, hold them in our arms, and cry with them as we tell them we don’t know why there are hard pills to swallow.  Who holds us?  Our spouse?  Our mother?  Our father.?  For me, it’s not only my sweet husband but also my Father in heaven who comforts most of all.

So, the next time we have a “hard pill to swallow” let’s sit back, think on it, pray about it, and let it all play out.  After all, in the end all we can do is just be comforted and then continue to live life and be grateful for what God has provided – after all, in the grand scheme of things there is really nothing we can do about those “hard pills” we have to swallow.


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