Time Flies

I bet almost everyone has heard someone say “Time sure flies!”  And that is surely true, at least as I get older it sure seems to go by like a jetliner.  I remember as a child, however, that birthdays, Christmas, and summers seemed like they took an awful long time to come around.  Even as a teenager they didn’t seem to come around that often.  However, after I started having children it seemed like somebody stepped on the gas as though they were driving a Nascar race and every time I turned around it was birthday time or Christmas.  Next thing I know it’s time for driver’s license.  What?  Driver’s license!  Yesterday they were just out in the yard on their trikes and bikes.  You look back and it just doesn’t seem possible.

And while you’re looking back enjoying a quick look at those wonderful, sweet, and funny memories, they are graduating college and/or beginning a life of their own, getting married – holy cow!  How did all this happen so fast and while I was just standing here? Now granted, this is the Beaver Cleaver family and mostly how things happen on TV, but sometimes and for some families, it really happens like this.  For others not so yet time does seem to fly for all families.  It just seemed like the best and least complicated example to use for my story.  I mean, there are those families where dad went to the University of Georgia and his son decides to go to Georgia Tech, or maybe worse yet Clemson!  If you’re from Georgia you will truly understand the repercussions from something like that happening!  But that’s possibly another story for another day.

So, you take a breather from it all and think to yourself, “Well Lord, we did a pretty good job.  I’m proud of these kids, they’re great!”  And they are great.  They are starting their own life, working, building on what you’ve taught them “just yesterday.”  Yep, they are great.

And then something happens.  You learn the difference between “great” and “grand.”  You see, it comes along rather slowly – time is standing still again.  The “thing” in and of itself to start with is not huge but the happening – well, let’s just say, “Strike out the band, let loose the balloons, stop the presses, put out a special news release on TV, and let all the bells in all the towers all over the world ring!”  Your “grandchild” was just born and you’ve held him/her in your arms for the very first time.  Yep, now you know why they call them “grand.”  Now you know the difference between great and grand.  And until it happens to you, you really can’t possibly understand.

And the journey begins all over again, watching that little one grow and learn and expand his/her horizons.  Yesterday you were holding them in the hospital and today you are holding them by the hand as you take a walk out in the yard and tomorrow you’ll be watching them walk up to receive their diploma as they graduate from high school.

Yep, time flies alright.  I’ve even heard it said that time stands still for no one.  So my friends, don’t worry about yesterday because there is nothing you can do to change it and don’t worry about tomorrow because you really don’t know what tomorrow might bring.  My best advice is to just take hold of today, enjoy it and make memories because “tomorrow” you’ll be looking back wondering where the time went.

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