Oops to Blessings

Yesterday as I was feverishly working on a quilt for my daughter’s best friend (she’s like a second daughter, actually) I was just slicing and dicing some material for the “sashes” (that’s like a frame around a block) and thinking to myself that  I had finally figured out how to figure out how much material this particular part of the project would take (believe me, I don’t do Math with a capital I DON’T DO MATH).  So, after getting all my pieces cut, I sat down to my machine to start putting the blocks to the sashes to make my rows.  This time, the part of the sash that runs below the blocks would be one straight piece of material 2 inches wide by the width of the quilt and I wouldn’t need to match any seams.  Perfect, right?  No, again I didn’t do the match right and cut too many pieces the size of my square and I don’t have enough material to go back and cut the nice long piece that will be a lot less taxing to attach because of not having to match seams.  I was so discouraged.  I couldn’t believe it.  Here I sit with all these 10 x 2 inch pieces and I need one long piece 24 x 2 inches.  I was about ready to cry because I didn’t want to make a trip to the craft store this morning and besides, I hardly think they would have material to match what I’ve already sewn on to the sides of my squares, so what was I to do.  Think, think, think.  Getting a different color that would blend wouldn’t look right.  Taking out the other would take until probably after the weekend and I think taking out that much might just stretch the blocks, anyway.  Think, think, think.  Got it!  Get into my stash of material and take out tone-on-tone pieces of the other color that she is using for the nursery and make 2-inch squares to go between the 2 x 10-inch sashing pieces to make what I call the “underling” sashing.  (I had already used two of her colors, one for the solid block and one for the sashing.)  In other words, I would have a 2-inch square, a 10 x 2-inch piece, a 2-inch square, a 10 x 2-inch piece, etc., to go under my already sewn rows.  All of the 2-inch squares won’t be just alike but that is actually the beauty of it. I am so excited to get started this morning.  This quilt is going to be even more cute than I first imagined (I have yet to make a quilt by any particular pattern – I just start thinking and go from there).  I’ll take a picture and post it after it is finished.

Life is like that sometimes.  We head in one direction but forces beyond our control pop up and so we head out in another direction.  For instance, my husband and I were on vacation several years back and had about a day extra left (thank goodness) and we were talking and took a wrong turn on the Interstate and saw we were headed for Nashville, Tennessee!  We could have gotten off, turned around, and gotten back on our original trail, but decided to keep on this trail and head for Nashville.  Well, the Country Music Hall of Fame had not been opened very long.  I had seen reports of it on the news and entertainment shows and was thinking in my heart that I sure would like to go, never thinking in a million years it would ever happen.  Well, here we were, going to the Country Music Hall of Fame!!  I was so excited, like a kid going to their first fair (I guess today that would be akin to “amusement” park).  Anyway, we went to the Hall of Fame first.  They had about 3 or 4 floors of so much stuff from stars like Elvis’s gold car, Hank Williams’ guitar, suits, Johnny Cash’s black coat, one of Minnie Pearl’s hats (you younguns won’t remember her but you oughta google her – she was one of the greats), and I don’t know what all.  You cannot imagine how many pictures I took.  Oh, and they had performer’s gold and platinum records all over the walls. My husband is a hockey fan and it was a plus for us to get to see the outside of the Nashville Predator’s stadium.  It is right next door to the Hall of Fame.  We went to the Grand Ole Opry and stood right on the “circle” where everybody that performs stands – I mean, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, and so many more, including the stars of today, have stood.  Words could not explain how I felt to stand there.  I still can’t explain how I felt.  It meant so much to me.  (I was so happy to hear they were able to save that circle when Nashville had that flood a few years back.)  They had this cool restaurant (a little on the pricey side) but there were huge fish tanks that made up the walls, floor to ceiling, so you got to sit next to the tanks and watch the fish.  That was fun, too.

I guess what all this rolls around to say is, sometimes those seemingly “mistakes” in life or wrong turns, may just end up being a huge blessing so don’t miss out – think before you turn around and make sure you’re not about to miss out on something really big!

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