Three Things

Have you ever been asked the question, “If you were stranded on an island, what 3 things would you want?” (No electronics.)  Not people, mind you, but things.  Of course, hopefully, this is just a “mind” exercise and none of you ever get stranded – even on the side of the road.  I’ve thought about this particular question before and I guess there are several different approaches we can take here but to me it mostly boils down to “mind, body, and soul.”

Let’s attack “mind” first – I might lose mine before I can get to the rest so the sooner the better.  What does my mind need – I’m talking personally, now, not what you think the world thinks, your parents would think, your partner thinks, but this is just you.  Just to be “undisguised” as it were. I’ll be right upfront and let you know this probably is the hardest one of the 3 for me.  I don’t read books by brilliant and intellectual people – though to me anyone who can get their book published is brilliant!  I guess I could go on and on here telling you of all the “mind” things I don’t do but I won’t bore you – you have your own.  Personally, “mind” things for me would involve sewing, particularly quilting.  (Let me tell you, it does take a certain amount of thinking to put together a quilt start to finish and that is for another day!)  I love looking at books with pictures and stories behind old quilts. And there are many. Lots and lots of quilt patterns have stories behind them.  Of course, it takes me back to grandmama’s house which was filled with quilts.  Nothing fancy, just mostly squares or triangles put together and some material from flour sacks.  My cousin and I would sit on “our” bed and pick out different material that we would want a dress made from. So, number one would be a historical and pictorial book about quilts.

Number 2 would be something for my body, mmm.  This is hard for me because I don’t do camping and such.  Roughing it for me is not having a remote for the TV – I’m serious.  Doesn’t have to be fancy but inside away from the elements, including bugs and such.  (I would not do well on Survivor.)  So, I guess my next thing could be some kind of hut.  Mind you, we are stranded and while a mansion with an outdoor and indoor pool, etc., etc., would be wonderful, that is not the kind of exercise we are doing here – that would be for another day as well.  So yea, a place to be away from all the elements (I include crawly, flying, slimy, kind of things as elements) would be my “body” thing I think.

Next is easy.  For my soul would be my Bible.  Not only are there wonderful and wise truths there, I find there are some really interesting stories, as well, that are quite entertaining.  Some funny, some sad, some drama, and so on.  For instance in the Old Testament in Genesis you read how a beautiful coat caused a boy a lot of grief but God made all that good.  In Esther you’ll find how Haaman got his comeuppance.  That was so cool how God worked all that around.  Now, in Judges you’ll find some kind of gross stuff like the gal who drove a spike through this guy’s head – ghastly. Of course most of you have probably heard about David slaying Goliath but to read how all that happened is pretty interesting.  For all you romance buffs like me, there is a love story in Ruth.  In the New Testament there is Saul and how his name was changed to Paul and while on his way to prison later he was shipwrecked on an island and stuck his hand down and grabbed a viper and was not bitten or harmed in any way.  Oh yea, Paul had lots of adventures.  Back to the Old Testament, in Psalms I always find comfort, wisdom, peace, harmony, confidence and so much more.  To read about just these things and not counting the countless more things God has in the Bible would take a lifetime so I think the Bible would keep me company and busy.

Well, what do you think?  Did you play along with me?  There really are no right or wrong answers because it’s all personal.  As people are different so would be the answers.  I guess it was kind of an exercise that actually brings me back and makes me remember how much I have to be grateful for, though.

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