Eyes and Lamps

Have you ever really thought about your eyes?  I mean really thought about them.  I guess this is a pretty odd topic this morning but it was what first popped into my brain this morning – my brain,  another discussion for another day.  I guess what made me think of eyes is I thought of the eyes of our grandson and how precious they are, especially when they light up and he smiles when he sees you.  There is just nothing like it in the whole world.  Your dog as he greets you when you first get home comes very close. 🙂 I was wondering what does he see in me.  What will he see in me.  What do I want him to see in me.  Well, as for the first two, if I live long enough, when he is old enough to understand what it means and I’m talking about, I might ask him.  As for the third one, what do I want him to see in me, well that is something to ponder about.  I surely don’t want him to see just an old woman all crooked with arthritis, losing her hair, half deaf, can’t walk, and probably a funny voice.  (Eww – even I don’t want to see me like that!) No, I want him to see something different.  But what is that something – now that’s a thing to set out on the deck sipping lemonade  with Buddy at my side, looking out to nowhere and think on.  So, here we go, pondering and wondering.

I guess the first thing, at least as I’m pondering it today, that I want him to think about me is that I am a kind and loving Godly woman who has a big heart full of love and laughter.  Love and laughter – I’m thinking those are pretty important.  Children see a plenty of unloving, mean-spirited, hateful, cold, cruel – well, you get the picture – people in the world today whether in the check-out line at the grocery store or on TV.  I want our home to be like a sanctuary away from all of that. A place to make memories like I did so when you’re older and think on it then it brings a smile to your face no matter what.  A place for him to come and be himself and relax and enjoy life.  That was how it was at my Grandmama’s and Grandaddy’s house.  It was like a sanctuary where the cares of my childhood life  were swept away by my Grandmama’s smile and Grandaddy’s laugh. (Little did I know then they were not really all that tough but I guess to a kid maybe they were.  By the way, we should never put down a child’s cares and make them think they are nothing.  If they are something to a child well, then they are important.)  My biggest problem while visiting them was Grandmama’s blackberry preserves leaking out of my biscuit and trying to lick it off my hand because it was so good I wanted none to go to waste!  Or my cousin and I designing our town on the sandy front walkway and waking up the next morning finding a dog or cat or something had walked right through it like Godzilla on Japan so it all had to be fixed. (they had sand brought in and it was like a huge sandbox for us only it was the front entrance.)  Yea, that’s what I want for Jason.  Too many children today don’t have that.

I guess another thing would be that I’m fun and always have time to play!  I want to make a tent in the family room and “camp out”!  I want to go to the library and pick out books so we can come home and spend an afternoon reading and talking and laughing while we sip on sweet tea and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Cheeetos.  Warming under quilts after making a snowman while sipping on hot cocoa and whipped cream, eating cookies, and laughing about our snowball fight!  Staying up late and watching Disney’s Peter Pan, Robin Hood, and Jungle Book (I think he will still enjoy those even though they will seem outdated for some.)

I guess it boils down to being a lamp for him to lighten his path on those dark days as he becomes a teen, too. (Praying I live that long.)  I pray I can impart some wisdom on to him, things he can take with him throughout his life that will help him as he comes up against those hard times – everybody has them for sure.  Things I have learned along the way.  That joy comes in the morning and with God’s help you can make it through the dark night to see the sunrise in the morning – there always is one  – and you can take that to the bank!

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