Peace – ahh sweet peace!

Being my first post, I thought it would be nice to write about something probably on everybody’s mind these days – peace!

Have you ever noticed how peaceful your pet sleeps by your side.  Just watch for a moment.  I’m not sure there is another peace on earth much like that. (Well, except when they are running after something in their sleep – now that’s funny!)  But, I digress.  Just watching Buddy, my Chi, calms things down for me when I really concentrate on him.  People all around use all different kinds of tools for bringing peace into their lives.  Lots of people use meditations, and that’s wonderful.  For me, however, my mind just won’t stop long enough and races from one project to the next like Kyle Bush racing around that track to win the Sprint Cup!  I’m sure lots of people can train their minds to stop for meditation, but I’m just not sure I want to do that.  I love watching Buddy and I’m afraid my creativity for quilts and other things will get lost in the stillness of it all.  And that’s the thing – I’ve thought of many beautiful quilts through just “thinking.”

This is my first post and I do realize I am rambling but my mind is putting things out there and I want to “say” it – it’s really like talking you know.

Anyway, and I sure hope I don’t lose some of you here because that would be a shame for the both of us as we would not get to know one another as well and I like to know lots of people from different places and cultures.  So, here we go – I make no apologies, however.  I am a Christian and have been for many years.  I sure have learned a LOT through the years, I can tell you that.  I used to be one of those hard-nose type but not any more.  I try not to take things out of context from the Bible and just let the Bible speak for Itself as I hold the Bible as my truth.  And I don’t judge – that is not for me to do.  There is much in the Bible I don’t understand and so I really don’t like to throw out a lot of doctrinal things.  I just like to give out the things that cause me to think about peace, happiness, kindness, love, etc.  So, if you are ever offended it was not intentional or directed.  Just something in my thoughts that particular day – like “Peace” is today.

Anyway, the most and best peace I derive when my depressed state allows is from the Bible.  For instance, Psalm 46 – “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change and though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea.”  There is a lot more in that chapter if you want to read it but it is sort of my “go to” chapter.  When I see the word “refuge” it reminds me of my grandmother’s and granddaddy’s home that I used to visit as a child.  I lived in Atlanta, they lived in a very small town, Woodville, about 2 hours away.  It was like the world stopped and everything was just as it should be.  Biscuits and homemade preserves for breakfast, fried chicken for supper, sleeping under quilts at night after catching fireflies in a jar, walks with grandaddy to the little store and buying candy from money my parents had given me and getting all the kinds they would never let me get when I was at home, and walking to church on Sunday – I could go on and on, but that is the place I think of when I see the word “refuge.”  Maybe I should be thinking about heaven and all, but I don’t know what heaven really looks like – I’ve never touched and felt it like I have granddmama’s and granddaddy’s.

Gosh, this went WAY longer than I intended and I apologize for that.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll really talk about my visits to grandmama’s and grandaddy’s.  I love to share about those times.

P.S.  I’m just learning this blogging thing so forgive me for how my page looks, etc.  Hopefully I’ll get those widgets and all, straightened out some day.  Thanks.




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